Cold Sores

cold sore
Do you suffer from cold sores ? About 40% of adults in North America get cold sores. Cold sores are oral lesions caused by the herpes virus.

Most cold sore sufferers just live with cold sores when they show up on lips and around the mouth. Suffering with a cold sore can last for a week or two .  Great news for you if you are a cold sore sufferer, Maple Mews Dental offers laser treatment of cold sores. Laser treatment of cold sores can be very effective and reduce the cold sore to lasting only a day or two.

Laser therapy is most effective if you can treat the cold sore early. Treating the area as soon as you notice signs such as tingling, burning, itching or a painful feeling around your lips can even prevent the breakout.  If you already have a cold sore, laser treatment can speed healing and reduce the pain and discomfort.

Laser treatment of a cold sore

  • Is effective , especially when the cold sore is treated early
  • Laser therapy stops the progression of the cold sore
  • Takes only one quick visit to the dentist
  • Can reduce cold sores /frequency in same location

If you suffer from cold sores, call our team at Maple Mews Dental  as soon as you have the feeling of a cold sore starting !  We will be happy to see you ASAP to treat your cold sore. 

Maple Mews Dental Team  905-632-2442


Cold Sores

Back to school time .. are you taking care of your Smile?

download (4)school smiles

Are you ready for back to School??

The books, pencils, markers, binders, ruler, new running shoes … oh so much to do !  And snacks and lunches , hair cuts and dental check-ups, the “to do” list seems neverending !!  Parents everywhere are getting organized for school to start next week !  Many with mixed reactions for sure … ! Hurray! Back to routine … and YIKES….lots to still prepare !

Our team at Maple Mews Dental works with you, we know life is hectic and especially this time of year!   We have office hours in the early morning, daytime and evening to make scheduling a dental checkup possible for everyone.  Our team loves kids of all ages , from infants to the elderly and love to give detailed attention to the needs of each and every patient we see.

Our hygiene team , Christine, Lori, Stephanie and Brianna along with Dr Rzepka and Dr Parker take pride in educating our patients . This time of year we spend much focus on home care of the teeth and mouth including proper brushing and flossing techniques and discussing good / bad snacks for your teeth . Many snacks that are convenient are loaded with sugar and some are very sticky thus are not so great for those little teeth.

Some helpful hints for packing snacks for a healthy smile:

SNACKS for a Health Smile include:

  • Fruit including apples, grapes, oranges
  • Cheese and cheese strings
  • Nuts
  • Unsweetened apple sauce
  • Peanut butter
  • Vegtables and Dip
  • Rice Cakes
  • Bagels/ Cream Cheese
  • Pepporoni Sticks
  • water

Snacks to avoid sending to school :

  • Raisins or dried fruit
  • Fruit roll ups
  • Candy
  • Sugar coated cereals
  • Juice / pop
  • Gummie bears, licorice, jujubes

If you have questions about good oral hygiene techniques, oral care for yourself or your children the Maple Mews Dental Team would be happy to see you!  Call us to schedule a visit today!  We are happy to team up with you and your family !

Maple Mews Dental Team wishes everyone a safe holiday weekend and great first week back to school!


Back to school time .. are you taking care of your Smile?

Keep Calm and Just Breathe!


At Maple Mews Dental , we pride ourselves in making each and every dental  appointment as comfortable for each patient as we can.  We understand that most people don’t like visiting the dentist, only a few really love regular visits with the dentist and dental hygienist.

Do you have a hard time even entering the dental office?  Do you have anxiety just scheduling a dental visit?

Lynn, a patient at our dental practice, recommends breathing techniques to reduce anxiety and stress including before and during your dental visit .   Deep breathing or “belly breathing” can help you to relax and reduce anxiety.  When we deep breathe our brain is sent a message to calm down and relax.

“Belly Breathing” is simple to learn and easy to do, and is very relaxing.  Try “belly breathing” when you are anxious about calling, talking to, or visiting the dentist or dental office.  It is easy to do at home, in the reception room at the dental office or even in the dental chair.  Belly breathing can be used anytime to relax and relieve stress.

How to Belly Breathe.

  1. Sit or lie flat in a comfortable position.
  2. Put one hand on your belly
  3. Take a deep breath in through your nose, taking about 5 seconds to take the breath, then take another 5 seconds releasing the breathe, through your nose. Notice your belly pushing out your hand on the exhale.
  4. Do this breathing 3 to 10 times. Take your time with each breath.
  5. Notice the relaxed feeling in your body as you continue with each breath.

We hope this simple technique will help put you at ease during your next dental visit !

For more relaxation techniques including restorative yoga ( which I love , it is so relaxing) , you can visit Lynn at

Laura , Maple Mews Dental

Keep Calm and Just Breathe!

Prom Smiles ! Wedding Smiles ! Have the smile you desire on your special day!


For every occasion , every day we all want to smile, but for those special occasions … weddings , prom .. a smile is of utmost importance ! We want to help make your day extra special, and give you the amazing smile that your deserve !

Do you have gaps or spaces in your smile?  The most common options for replacing missing teeth include implants, bridges and dentures . Dr Rzepka & Dr Parker work closely with each patient giving options for teeth replacement of one or more missing teeth that are best for you and your smile ! Dental Implants have become a very popular option for tooth replacement.  An implant can replace a single tooth or multiple teeth and look and feel like your natural teeth.

Porcelain veneers, are beautifully crafted by a lab technician. The lab technician and dentist work together to fabricate veneers, or facings that are custom made to fit your smile.  Veneers are truly a work of art !  Veneers can change the shape, size and colour of your teeth in just two visits, giving you the smile of your dreams!

Are you a coffee or tea drinker ? A smoker, red wine drinker ?  Have Stained, discoloured teeth ?  At Maple Mews Dental, In Office Whitening with ZOOM is the most popular treatment choice to brighten smiles.  This in office 1 visit whitening system changes the shade of your teeth up to 8 shades in just one, , 1 hour visit ! This fast and effective whitening treatment is a must for all smiles !

Opalescence Go, is another great whitening option and  is worn 15-30 minutes a day for 7-10 days .  This easy to use kit comes with 10 upper and lower, prefilled disposable trays for whitening .  It is great for travelling…are you a commuter .. you can whiten on your way to work!

Talk to us today about your smile!  Whether you have prom to attend , an upcoming wedding as a bride, groom or attendee or just want an amazing smile , our team at Maple Mews Dental will be happy to discuss the best options for you and your smile ! Give our team a call today at 905-632-2442 ! We look forward to working with you to give you the smile you deserve!

Prom Smiles ! Wedding Smiles ! Have the smile you desire on your special day!

Nothing you wear is more important than your Smile!


April is Dental Health Month!  The Maple Mews Dental team loves that for Dental Health Month 2019, the focus continues to be about overall health and well being !   Do you look and feel great after you go to the gym , after weight loss, have a new hair style or new wardrobe … how about after you visit the dentist ?

At Maple Mews Dental , we want you to feel great everyday , about yourself ,your overall health  and your oral health .  We want you to Smile !

Do stained, discoloured teeth have you avoiding smiling?  Missing teeth , have you covering your smile when you talk or meet new people ?  Are you always concerned about your breath ?  The Maple Mews Dental team specializes in smiles … we work closely with each and every patient to give you the smile you desire!

Brush two minutes , three times a day, floss daily  and visit the dentist regularly . A  minimum two dental visits per year works best for most smiles !

Make visiting the dentist or at least scheduling a dental appointment a  priority this month!

We look forward to seeing you!  Boost your confidence this spring with the smile you deserve!

Happy Dental Health Month 2019 from the Maple Mews Dental Team

Nothing you wear is more important than your Smile!

Whiter , Brighter Smiles!

Do you wish you had a whiter , brighter smile? Our team at Maple Mews Dental can give you the smile you want and deserve!

So many things we do in our every day lives affect our smiles and the colour of our teeth!  Staining of our teeth can be from many sources including one or more of the following:

  • Smoking
  • Red Wine
  • Dark Cola’s like Coke /Pepsi
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Tomato Sauce and other staining foods

No two smiles are the same , what works for one may not be the best solution for another! At Maple Mews Dental , we offer options for whitening your smile to best suit your smile and your lifestyle!

We do always recommend a visit with our dental hygiene team prior to any whitening .  For best whitening results, removing plaque and tartar and obvious staining is a must !

ZOOM! In office whitening will give you the smile you are dreaming about in just one visit!  Our team at Maple Mews Dental loves ZOOM … it is quick and easy and achieves great results !    In addition to the in office whitening ,  each patient is sent home with a whitening kit to keep their smile white and bright long term .

Taking care of whitening on your own at home may be the best option for you … at Maple Mews Dental we offer Opalascence .. prefilled trays ..easy to take wherever you go , easy to wear and no mess!  For tougher staining … custom trays with a whitening solution to fight those tough stains may be the solution for your smile !

Don’t wait … talk to us today about your smile!  You deserve to look and feel your best everyday!

Maple Mews Dental Team

Whiter , Brighter Smiles!

Why do I need a dental exam ?


Why do I need an dental exam?  What many people don’t understand is that when you schedule a dental appointment to address a specific concern in your mouth or with your teeth it is necessary for the dentist to examine and diagnose the problem you are presenting with. Once diagnosed, the dentist will present you with the treatment options for your specific concern. .

When you call or come into Maple Mews Dental with a dental concern including a tooth ache, broken tooth or lost fill, loose tooth, gums bleeding or any other concern about a certain area of your teeth or mouth you will have a specific examination or emergency examination.   Both types of exams include diagnosis and treatment recommendations.   Xrays may be necessary to assist with accurate diagnosis of the dental concern presented.

An exam called a recall or recare examination is completed by Dr Rzepka or Dr Parker when you are scheduled with the dental hygienist.  At this visit, the time spent with the dentist is a short visit during the dental hygiene appointment.  Although the dental hygienist is checking your teeth, gums and oral health during the entire visit, the dentist  is the only dental team member that can actually diagnose a dental problem such a tooth decay, infection and gum disease, thus the importance of the examination .

Dental examinations can diagnose or catch problems while they are small, most dental problems begin before you can see or feel them. Early diagnosis and treatment is often easy and inexpensive.  Treatment left undetected that can become extensive and expensive.

Dental examinations can include early detection of:

  • Tooth decay
  • Damaged teeth
  • Condition of your gums , such as periodontal disease – risk of loss of teeth
  • Diagnosis of infection of teeth or gums
  • Early signs of mouth or throat cancer
  • Growths, cysts or other oral tissue disorders

A dental examination , may save a tooth ,may save you from extensive and or expensive treatment, and may save your life with early detection of cancer !   So … YES Dental Examinations are a very important part of your dental visit and are necessary when you present to the office with a dental or oral health care concern!

Your Maple Mews Dental Team

Why do I need a dental exam ?

Smile ….Halloween is near!

Halloween, like other holidays, is a time that we like to indulge in extra candy and sweets! Tooth decay occurs when the bacteria in dental plaque produces acids: when this bacterial acid remains on the teeth for long periods of time .. “ the sugar bugs” as we often call them can damage the tooth enamel and lead to damage to the tooth or a cavity. Thus, the more snacking we do or allow or children to do, the more prone we are to cavities and to damaging our teeth .

At Maple Mews Dental we suggest :

  • Choose snacks wisely — all the time not just at Halloween
  • Remember that sticky snacks are usually not a good choice for your teeth
  • Eat sugary snacks and drinks at one time … instead of snacking continually
  • At Halloween choose to keep only a few items and donate the rest
  • Immediately after indulging on the few treats , rinse with water, brush and floss
  • Replace the sticky sweet snacks with better ones for your overall health and oral health. Choose snacks like yogurt, vegetables and dip, chocolate milk or cheese!
  • Brush 3 times a day for 2 minutes
  • Parents help your children with brushing and flossing
  • Visit your dental regularly

At Maple Mews Dental we LOVE Halloween too! We love your smile and want to help you to make the best choices to keep you smiling! If you have any questions about good snacks to keep a healthy smile , contact us today or talk to us at your next dental visit!

Happy Halloween from the Maple Mews Dental Team!halloween smile

Smile ….Halloween is near!

Rethink your Drink!

Have you just been to the dentist , have cavities and wonder why?  At Maple Mews Dental, it is a priority for us to partner with you , for optimal Oral Health and overall health.   Being thorough is so important to our entire team, your smile is important to you , so it’s important to us too!

Sugary and Acidic drinks are often the cause of tooth decay and acid wear erosion of the teeth.  Do you really know how much sugar you drink each day ?  Did you ever consider that your Tim’s Double Double or your energy drinks have a lot ( way too much) sugar?  Do you read the label on your drinks ?  Have you ever calculated how many teaspoons of sugar it would actually be ? YIKES … is what we say to the this … many drinks have just way too much sugar and are causing way too much damage to too many smiles!

There are a lot of drinks that contain LOTS of sugar !   Some drinks like sodas are meant to be rare treats , they are very acidic and can do a lot of damage to your teeth ! Our team , will discuss your diet with you, it is important that you have all the information you can to make the best choices for you !

Our team at Maple Mews Dental loves this chart!   Check out the Red light/ Green Light for some great guidelines and Rethink your Drink!

Maple Mews Dental Team


Rethink your Drink!

Back to School ! Keep the Snacks Healthy!

healthy snacks

The summer is nearing the end and yah!!! Its’s time for school !!!  Some kids are saying yah … lots of parents are saying yah!! The arrival of September is anticipated by all !

For our team at Maple Mews Dental , we have been encouraging good food, drink and snack choices for every day, but we are especially focussed on school lunches as our patients and own children prepare for the school year to start .

Sticky foods and sugared drinks can cause havoc on eveyone’s teeth … we always say to the kids that the “ sugar bugs” like to have a party on your teeth to the kids!! It is so important to do all we can to work together to educate you, our patients that are students and parents so that the right choices can be made for a healthy smile and healthy you!

Some great snacks for school lunches are:

  • Cheese
  • Popcorn
  • Crackers
  • Veggies and Dip
  • Pretzels and Hummus
  • Rice Cakes
  • Yogurt
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Pepperoni Sticks
  • And to drink Water or Milk

Remember that drinks contain LOTS of sugar !   Some drinks like sodas are meant to be rare treats , they are very acidic and can do a lot of damage to your teeth !  Especially at school , our team recommends milk , water or spring water !  NO Juice Boxes !

Of course regular dental visits are top priority !  If you haven’t booked your back to school dental visit … do it now!   And your oral hygiene at home is so so important… don’t skip it!  Brush for 2 minutes at least twice a day and floss daily !! And parents , help your little ones … they really do need help – they can not do it properly all alone!  Let them have a turn and then you have a turn after !  Everyone will benefit !

Happy Back to School from the Maple Mews Dental Team !

Back to School ! Keep the Snacks Healthy!