Teeth Matter !

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Is Oral Health a priority for you? Or better yet, do you want to keep your teeth? At Maple Mews Dental we love the saying “You only need to floss the teeth you want to keep”… yes  it seems funny…but really it’s not … It’s simple …If you want to keep your teeth , you need to take care of your teeth and your oral health must be a priority! Regular home care and regular visits to the dentist starting at a young age is imperative to a healthy smile. At Maple Mews Dental , we pride ourselves in partnering with you to develop the best plan for your oral health.

  • Brushing CORRECTLY for 2- 3 minutes , 3 times daily is a must
  • Flossing regularly is recommended
  • A healthy diet is essential to good oral health
  • Regular Visits to the Dentist , based on your individual Oral health needs is Important

Teeth can be lost not only to decay or cavities but also to infection. The number one reason for tooth loss in adults is gum disease!  Gum Disease in the early stages can be reversed and Gum Disease can be prevented.  If you have sore gums or bleeding gums when you brush or floss, you may have gum disease.  Keep up the brushing and flossing at home …and visit your dentist and dental hygienist! At Maple Mews Dental , we love all patients and love to help you be the best that you can be! Your oral care is our priority …let us know how we can help you and your smile!
Maple Mews Dental Team


Teeth Matter !

Christmas Cheer!


Our team at Maple Mews Dental wishes each of you a Merry Christmas!

In the busyness of the holiday season … don’t forget about your smile!  Extra sweets this time of year are in abundance at our work places, at gatherings with family and friends and in our homes as we celebrate this time of year!  We can enjoy these sweet and sometimes sticky treats …but need to remember the importance of taking care of ourselves!  Brushing and flossing is important , don’t skip it … maybe even do little extra of both!

And don’t forget to put the toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste in the stockings Christmas morning!  Or even wrap an electric toothbrush for that someone special!  At Maple Mews Dental we like the Oral B or Philips Sonicare, both are fantastic gifts.

Wherever you are , whatever your Holiday Plans … we wish you a holiday season full of joy and peace!

Happy Holidays from the Maple Mews Team

Christmas Cheer!

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary when it comes to your child’s oral health?

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Making good choices is what it is all about ! Of course your children can enjoy Halloween and Trick or Treating if that is what you choose!  At Maple Mews Dental, our team educates all year about tooth decay and the effects of sugary snacks and
drinks. We provide our patients with a list of good snacks & bad snacks for your teeth. This helps when making decisions about your child’s oral health and choosing the best foods for snacks and lunches! Some children are just more prone to cavities. Our goal at Maple Mews Dental, is to work with you to help prevent cavities and oral health problems. Along with eating healthy, limiting sugary snacks and drinks we instil and encourage good oral hygiene habits at home and encourage regular dental visits.

So what’s the deal with Halloween :
Halloween, like other holidays, is a time that we like to indulge in extra candy and sweets! Tooth decay occurs when the bacteria in dental plaque produces acids: when this bacterial acid remains on the teeth for long periods of time .. “ the sugar bugs” as we often call them can damage the tooth enamel and lead to damage to the tooth or a cavity. Thus , the more snacking we do or allow or children to do , the more prone we are to cavities and to damaging our teeth .

At Maple Mews Dental we suggest :
• Let your child pick out their favourite few Halloween treats ( 10-12 )

• Choose a time or couple of times that your child will eat these treats at one or two seatings

• Donate , toss or even freeze the remainder of the treats

• Immediately after indulging on the few treats , rinse with water, brush and floss to remove all plaque and bacteria

• Replace the sticky , sweet snacks with better ones for your overall health and oral health. These snacks can include yogurt, favourite vegetables and dip, chocolate milk , or cheese

• Visit your dentist regularly

At Maple Mews Dental we LOVE Halloween too ! We love your smile and want to help you to make the best choices to keep you smiling! If you have any questions about good snacks to keep a healthy smile , contact us today or talk to us at your next dental visit!

Happy Halloween from the Maple Mews Dental Team !

Halloween doesn’t have to be scary when it comes to your child’s oral health?

Pregnancy & Your Oral Health!


Oral health is important throughout one’s life … maybe even more so during pregnancy. At Maple Mews Dental , we encourage good oral health and we reinforce good oral hygiene habits, healthy eating habits and regular dental visits for all of our patients . Your body experiences many changes during pregnancy and your mouth is no exception. For the benefit of both you and your growing baby, you will need to pay particular attention to your oral health .

During pregnancy we recommend a periodontal evaluation, continuing regular dental visits, and in some cases, more frequent dental visits with the dental hygienist.  Research suggests that good oral hygiene is also good for your baby; an association does exist between preterm, low-birth-weight babies and mothers with gingivitis. Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, the risk for gingivitis and periodontal disease ( Gum disease) can increase.
The Maple Mews Dental team encourages the following during pregnancy:
• Brush 3 times daily with a soft toothbrush for 2-3 minutes each time
• Floss Daily
• Eat healthy
• Visit your dentist/ dental hygienist every 3-6 months
• DO NOT skip dental visits
Many ask ..Can I have dental treatment during pregnancy? YES! Although we will avoid xrays and elective dental procedures during pregnancy, all other routine dental treatment can be completed. For the comfort and safety of you and your baby, we, at Maple Mews Dental, recommend dental treatment ( dental fillings ) be completed in the 2nd trimester.

As you are planning a family , remember to visit your dental office before you get pregnant for a full examination .. this is a perfect time to complete dental treatment and address any dental concerns that you or the dentist may have, prior to pregnancy.

Maple Mews Dental Team

Pregnancy & Your Oral Health!

Vitamin C is Good for your Gums!

Periodontal conditions can have many causes: don’t forget to consider poor nutrition!  Inadequate Vitamin C can lead to bleeding gums and can develop into gingivitis if left untreated.  Vitamin C also helps the body perform maintenance and repair on bones, teeth and cartilage.  Signs of Vitamin C deficiency can appear within one month of little to no Vitamin C intake.   There is risk of developing periodontal disease,  gingivitis and /or bone loss with low levels of Vitamin C.  Symptoms begin with inflammation of the gum around the tooth.   The gum will pull away from the tooth, forming a pocket that can become infected.  Plaque will spread and grow in the area, causing a release of toxins that can break down the connective tissue holding your teeth in place.

Vitamin C will also inhibit the formation of plaque and tartar.  In fact, it is referred to as the invisible toothbrush, so even if you are a tooth brushing fanatic, you may not get your teeth as clean and healthy as possible without adequate amounts of Vitamin C.   People who grind or clench their teeth will notice more sensitivity and gum problems because of their increased need for Vitamin C.  Also, it has been found that people who consume less that the daily allowance  of Vitamin C are 1 ½ times more likely to develop severe gingivitis that those who consume 3x the amount.   Vitamin C is water-soluble, which means that the body doesn’t store it long-term and you need to consume it daily.  The Institute of Medicine recommends 90 milligrams per day for men older than 18 years and 74 milligrams per day for women older than 18 years.   However, there is no recommended dosage to treat gum disease.   Since Vitamin C is one of best natural defuses against bacteria, it is essential for healthy gum s and teeth.  Let’s not forget that the mouth is the gateway to the body not only for food, but also for unwanted bacteria!

Shared by Lori , R.D.H at Maple Mews Dental


Vitamin C is Good for your Gums!

Even my dental hygienist can tell I am stressed out!

Everyone gets stressed once in a while, and we all know that it can affect your overall health but did you know that stress can also directly affect your oral health?

Stress has been found to contribute to grinding your teeth, gum disease, canker sores and dry mouth. Stress may also impact your oral health routine and your diet which can then increase your risk of tooth decay. Grinding your teeth can cause damage to your enamel which can result in increased sensitivity and overall appearance of the teeth. If you experience headaches or jaw pains when you wake up in the morning, you may be grinding your teeth at night.  Your dentist may recommend a night guard to be worn while you sleep to protect the teeth.

Stress can also lower your immune system and increase your risk for infections in the mouth such as gum disease and canker sores. The most common signs of gum disease are bleeding in the mouth when brushing and flossing. Treatment for gum disease varies depending on the severity; our dental hygienists, at Maple Mews Dental, will conduct a thorough exam known as a Periodontal Exam to find out the stage of your gum disease. Another oral health infection that can result from stress is canker sores. These are white ulcer like spots found on the soft tissue of the mouth and can be painful. Canker sores can be treated with topical creams or simply a salt water rinse daily and usually go away with in 1-2 weeks.

Dry mouth is another oral condition that is a side effect from stress and also a side effect from the medications used to treat stress and depression.  The mouth’s first line of defence against bacteria is saliva, and without it there is an increased risk of tooth decay, gum disease and infection. In order to create a better oral environment when you have dry mouth you can use some products designed to help increase salivary flow such as Xylitol mints and gums or Biotene products.

Lastly when you are under a lot of stress or going through a very stressful time, your general health can be affected. You may miss brushing or flossing your teeth during the day or you may start eating more unhealthy snacks which will contribute to tooth decay. Although your dentist cannot eliminate your stress, our team at Maple Mews Dental, can help you treat the conditions resulting from stress. Talk to your any one of our dental professionals at Maple Mews Dental,  if you experience any of the signs or symptoms listed above.

Shared by Stephanie, R.D.H at Maple Mews Dental




Even my dental hygienist can tell I am stressed out!

Stress and Your Oral Health!


Our lives are busy and we live with more demands that ever before!  Many lead lives that are very stressful everyday!  We have stress in our personal lives, in our marriages and families, financial stress, stress in our jobs, and even driving on our busy streets! Stress affects our general and oral health.  In 2017 Make Your Oral Health a Priority!

There are several links between stress and oral health  including:

  • Worn, cracked or broken teeth caused by Clenching or Grinding
  • Poor Oral Hygiene –when stressed and busy,  brushing and flossing is often skipped and good nutrition often is not a priority
  • Periodontal Disease – can be caused by Poor Oral Hygiene or a compromised immune system due to stress
  • Jaw Pain – from grinding / clenching at night  ,often caused by worry or stress
  • Dry Mouth – stress can  lead to dry mouth – which can lead to dental problems
  • Missing Appointments – Stress and leading a busy life can lead to “no time” for regular dental visits or missed appointments

Our team at Maple Mews Dental ,  will work closely with you to develop a plan to take care of  and address your oral health problems including those that have developed or stemmed from stress.  Depending on your situation and needs, we may recommend a nightguard if grinding or clenching  , http://maplemewsdental.ca/patient-education/oral-health-problems/teeth-grinding-bruxism/, recommend rinses or other remedies for dry mouth, will make recommendations to treat periodontal disease and will discuss diet and home care for your gums and teeth.

Want to eliminate stress from affecting your Oral Health?  The Maple Mews Dental Team encourages regular dental visits , brushing for 2 minutes 2-3 times daily and daily flossing !

Stress and Your Oral Health!