Rethink your Drink!

Have you just been to the dentist , have cavities and wonder why?  At Maple Mews Dental, it is a priority for us to partner with you , for optimal Oral Health and overall health.   Being thorough is so important to our entire team, your smile is important to you , so it’s important to us too!

Sugary and Acidic drinks are often the cause of tooth decay and acid wear erosion of the teeth.  Do you really know how much sugar you drink each day ?  Did you ever consider that your Tim’s Double Double or your energy drinks have a lot ( way too much) sugar?  Do you read the label on your drinks ?  Have you ever calculated how many teaspoons of sugar it would actually be ? YIKES … is what we say to the this … many drinks have just way too much sugar and are causing way too much damage to too many smiles!

There are a lot of drinks that contain LOTS of sugar !   Some drinks like sodas are meant to be rare treats , they are very acidic and can do a lot of damage to your teeth ! Our team , will discuss your diet with you, it is important that you have all the information you can to make the best choices for you !

Our team at Maple Mews Dental loves this chart!   Check out the Red light/ Green Light for some great guidelines and Rethink your Drink!

Maple Mews Dental Team


Rethink your Drink!

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