Oral Cancer : Early Diagnosis Can save your life!


Oral Cancer

At Maple Mews Dental , Oral Cancer Screening /Examinations are completed at every comprehensive examination with the dentist, and at every dental hygiene appointment.  The oral cancer examination is completed as part of your oral health examination , and includes checking your mouth, gums, tongue, lips and throat.

Oral Cancer is surprisingly common. Hundreds of thousands of people are treated yearly for the various types of oral cancer. Oral cancer can be successfully treated if caught at an early stage.
Types of Oral Cancer Include:

Tongue Cancer:  The tongue is a common spot for oral cancer to develop. If you, your dentist or dental hygienist notice a change in your tongue appearance, swollen areas or bumps or lumps on your tongue, there may be a concern. White or red patches could also indicate an area to be checked. Lumps or bumps under the tongue are also a concern and could include your salivary glands. Be sure to call your dentist at the first sign of concern , for an examination and oral cancer check.  A referral to a dental specialist such as an oral pathologist may be necessary.

Lip Cancer:  We often forget to cover our lips in the sun!  Sun exposure puts our lips at high risk for cancer ! Signs of lip cancer may include sores on the lips that do not heal, swelling of the lips and / or pain of the lips.  If you have these symptoms, call your dentist for an examination . Often cancer of the lips is treated in the same way as skin cancer and can include surgery and other treatments.

Throat Cancer: Signs of throat cancer can be subtle like a sore throat, hoarseness or problems with swallowing, or may be more obvious like lumps or swelling in the back of the mouth or throat . The dental hygienist or dentist may notice lumps, swelling or redness which are signs of a potential concern.  Throat cancer is diagnosed like the other oral cancers often with biopsy performed by a dental specialist.

See the dentist / dental hygienist regularly for oral cancer screenings and be sure to call at the first sign of concerns about changes in your mouth including lumps, sores and swollen areas .  Early detection for cancer is key to successful treatment.

If you have any questions please give us a call, we are happy to schedule an appointment with one of our dental professionals at our Maple Mews Dental Office.

Maple Mews Dental TeamOral Cancer

Oral Cancer : Early Diagnosis Can save your life!

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