Your Overall Health is Important to Your Dentist !




We encourage regular visits to the dentist and good oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing because we care about you, your oral health and your overall health!  We want you to be healthy and happy!

We are asked often , what does brushing and flossing have to do with my overall health .  It is simple; an unhealthy mouth, especially if you have gum disease, including bleeding gums, can increase a person’s risk of health problems such as poorly controlled diabetes, heart attack  and stroke.  Regular visits to the dentist also gives you the opportunity to have a regular oral cancer check – up.  At Maple Mews Dental the dental hygienist checks your mouth , head and neck at each visit.

  • Diabetes : If you have diabetes, you are at risk of developing gum disease. If you don’t take care of your teeth and gums, gum disease can make diabetes difficult to control. Our dental hygienists will work along with you to make the necessary changes in your oral health to help best control your risk of gum disease. This may include brushing , flossing and more frequent dental visits to assist with controlling your diabetes by eliminating gum disease.
  • Heart Attack & Stroke : Inflammation of your gums and mouth, may cause inflammation in the body, which increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. The key to reducing inflammation of the gums is to effectively remove the plaque from your teeth several times per day.   Are you using the correct toothbrush and brushing technique, do you need other tools to help remove the plaque, are you visiting the dental hygienist for professional cleaning often enough?  Each individual’s needs are different and your dental hygienist will recommend a schedule best suited to you.
  • Oral Cancer: Your dentist and dental hygienist routinely check for signs of Oral Cancer.  Oral Cancer is often detected at a dental examination .  Cancer of the head or neck is often oral cancer, the routine check for oral cancer includes checking the lips, tongue and tissues including salivary glands and throat.

The importance of good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dental hygienist cannot be stressed enough!  Understand the importance of your oral health and its connection to your overall health.

Come on In to Maple Mews Dental …Good Oral Health can lead to Good Overall Health, Good Oral Health can start today!

Maple Mews Dental Team

Your Overall Health is Important to Your Dentist !

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