We Want to See you Smile!!



At Maple Mews Dental we believe that Good Oral Health absolutely contributes to Good Overall Health!


Dr Beata Rzepka , Dr Tracy Parker and Dr Matthew Chan, along with our entire team, are committed to partnering  with each and every patient at Maple Mews Dental!  We WANT to  help you reach your Oral Health Goals! 


Our dentists take time to focus on the entire mouth and they provide services including cosmetic dental treatment, restoring your teeth , fixing and repairing broken and fractured teeth, and replacing teeth. Our hygienists work closely with the dentist to take care of your overall oral health. 


Dental problems can be silent or painful, both concerns that need  treatment.  Gum disease is known to be a leading cause of tooth loss. ( http://maplemewsdental.ca/services/non-surgical-gum-therapy)   Our dental hygienists not only remove the plaque and calculus from your teeth …they do much , much more!  We have a fabulous dental hygiene team with over 50 years of combined experience ! (http://maplemewsdental.ca/about-us/our-team) Our dental hygienists will thoroughly assess your dental needs as an individual and customize a plan for you.   A thorough assessment includes a review of the medications that you take , as many medications affect your oral health . Many cause dry mouth which can lead to different dental concerns including decay and periodontal disease.  Your habits are also assessed; do you chew gum , drink lots of coffee or tea, drink energy drinks , smoke , or are you extremely stressed?  All of these can affect your oral health!  Are you brushing, and flossing ?  And if you are , are you doing it correctly?  It is important to us to introduce you to dental tools that will help you and to teach you to use them properly !


We want to work with you , your oral health is important to us !  We want to see the success you have in restoring your smile !  We want to see you SMILE! (http://maplemewsdental.ca)


We Want to See you Smile!!

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