In 2017 Make Your Oral Health a Priority!


When we have discomfort or pain in our body, usually we visit the physician.  This could mean a trip to our regular physician, the walk-in clinic or hospital emergency. So why do we ignore a toothache, pain, bleeding gums or irritation in our mouth!  It’s like we forget often that our mouth is part of our body!

Swelling in the mouth, face or neck may be caused by an infection of your gums or teeth and should be addressed immediately.  Excessive swelling could even be dangerous if it was to spread your throat and affect swallowing and breathing.

Fractured or broken teeth, should be repaired . Don’t leave it until you have pain … if left untreated , treatment is often more extensive and more expensive!

Do you have bleeding gums and think … oh it’s nothing !  You are wrong …your gums should not bleed when you are taking good care of your oral health!   Bleeding is an indication that something is wrong and a visit to the dentist is definitely a must!

Did you know that oral cancer is common and that each and every year thousands of people are diagnosed and lose lives due to Oral Cancer.  The dentists and dental hygienists screen regularly for Oral Cancer …. Just one more reason that regularly dental care is important!

Dental problems can affect our quality of life and can lead to and affect other health problems including diabetes and heart conditions. Many oral health concerns can lead the loss of teeth, which can affect the way we eat and speak.  Regular dental examinations can help treat dental concerns when they are small and prevent them from getting worse.

In 2017 be committed to your Oral Health ….Let our team at Maple Mews Dental Help you!  All of you is important …  Take Care of your Entire Body From your Smile to your Toes!

In 2017 Make Your Oral Health a Priority!

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