Summer Camp Time!


It’s hard enough to keep your kids on a routine of brushing their teeth at home …and now it’s camp time! Moms share that they are concerned about oral health care, or lack of it at summer camp!  So what do we do ..keep our kids at home?  Of course not!

Let’s work together ! You know your children and how they react to and follow  instructions .  Many parents like to schedule children for a dental visit before attending camp.  This way , we can work with you, the parent, to put a plan in place for oral care , even give your child some tips to ensure they don’t forget to brush .. and of course that they brush regularly and properly.  It’s always better for our team to be the ones  giving the instruction … funny how kids always listen to others even though mom and dad give the same message!

We know that brushing and flossing may not be a priority at camp ! Our dental hygiene team loves sharing with children and teens a great utube video about plaque and the micoroganisms that live on their teeth…. and it’s pretty gross!  Wait until they get to camp and share that … their friends will want to brush too….or may consider it a science experiment!

The entire team at Maple Mews Dental is geared up and ready to battle camping brushing habits. Our dental hygienists Lori, Christine and Stephanie look forward to teaming up with you, to combat and win the oral health kids camp battle!




Summer Camp Time!

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