Back to School – Pack the Good Snacks!


With back to school just around the corner … it is time to pack school lunches! Most of us dread the lunch packing and what to pack for our beloved picky eaters! During school, when children cannot brush, it is even more important to monitor sugar content, thus what we are packing for lunches and snacks.   Taking extra time to prepare good healthy snacks for the body and teeth is essential.

If sweet, sticky snacks must be packed in the lunch box, sugarless gum or cheese eaten afterward is recommended. This will help to dislodge sticky food from the teeth and will increase the saliva flow, diluting and neutralizing the sugar-acid, which is what causes cavities. We highly recommend skipping the juice box and use reusable water bottles instead. Water is the best liquid of all!

Our team at Maple Mews Dental, has some great “Good Snack” recommendations for lunches and a reminder of the Bad Snacks … or sticky, sugary snacks that can lead to cavities. Packing healthy lunches along with good oral care and regular dental visits will keep your child’s smile happy and healthy! Our team at Maple Mews Dental would be happy to schedule a dental visit for your child . .



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Back to School – Pack the Good Snacks!

Summer Camp Time!


It’s hard enough to keep your kids on a routine of brushing their teeth at home …and now it’s camp time! Moms share that they are concerned about oral health care, or lack of it at summer camp!  So what do we do ..keep our kids at home?  Of course not!

Let’s work together ! You know your children and how they react to and follow  instructions .  Many parents like to schedule children for a dental visit before attending camp.  This way , we can work with you, the parent, to put a plan in place for oral care , even give your child some tips to ensure they don’t forget to brush .. and of course that they brush regularly and properly.  It’s always better for our team to be the ones  giving the instruction … funny how kids always listen to others even though mom and dad give the same message!

We know that brushing and flossing may not be a priority at camp ! Our dental hygiene team loves sharing with children and teens a great utube video about plaque and the micoroganisms that live on their teeth…. and it’s pretty gross!  Wait until they get to camp and share that … their friends will want to brush too….or may consider it a science experiment!

The entire team at Maple Mews Dental is geared up and ready to battle camping brushing habits. Our dental hygienists Lori, Christine and Stephanie look forward to teaming up with you, to combat and win the oral health kids camp battle!




Summer Camp Time!

Do I need to brush and floss my child’s teeth?

                                      child brushing

Your child’s primary or first teeth are just as important as the permanent teeth. The primary teeth are needed for your child to eat and speak correctly and they hold the space for the permanent teeth. 

Baby teeth can appear by age of 6 months and many remain in place until age 13 or 14, thus the need to take good care of these teeth at all stages. 

Dental Decay in children is common, our goal at Maple Mews Dental is to educate you as parents as early as during pregnancy to help prevent dental decay in your children’s teeth.

Even with no teeth, we recommend that you clean your baby’s mouth. This can be done simply by wiping your baby’s mouth with a facecloth.

Once the first teeth erupt, they need to be cleaned, this can be done with a small soft toothbrush or finger brush, and there are many options available.  Toothpaste is not necessary for young children, simply use water and the brush 2-3 times daily.

Flossing is also important to introduce to your child’s daily routine, especially if the teeth are close together…. if there is no space to clean between with a toothbrush, flossing is a must. Regular floss wrapped around your fingers or floss picks can be used on children.

Find a time of day morning and night that you can focus on your child’s dental care. If you find it difficult to care for your child’s teeth, we urge you to be patient.  Some children just don’t like it … that doesn’t mean you should give up.. dental care is too important to skip! 

If you need some hints how to take care of your child’s teeth, please ask us, any of our team at Maple Mews Dental will be happy to assist you!

Good brushing and flossing habits started at a young age, along with regular visits to the dentist, will set your child in the right direction for a lifetime of good oral health. Our Maple Mews Dental Team loves children and looks forward to teaming with you to care for your child’s oral health!

Maple Mews Dental Team


Do I need to brush and floss my child’s teeth?

Looking for a brighter smile ! Today is a great day for a whiter smile!



  •  Is a big event approaching? A Wedding? A Birthday?
  • Do you avoid smiling because you don’t like your smile?
  • Have you noticed that your teeth are discoloured or stained?


 Stains and discoloration on the surface of our teeth can be caused by:

  • Tobacco use
  • Drinking coffee, tea, or red wine
  • Eating highly pigmented foods such as blueberries  

Internal stains can be caused by:

  • Yellowing or graying of the teeth as part of the aging process
  • Trauma to the teeth that results in the tooth’s nerve dying, giving the tooth a dark colour
  • Treatment with the antibiotic tetracycline during the time when teeth are forming

Spa Dent whitening is an easy and convenient way to brighten your teeth in as little as 30 minutes. Results with Spa Dent change the tooth shade 2 – 8 shades brighter and whiter in just 1 dental appointment.

Spa Dent is safe & effective. There is no sensitivity during Spa Dent whitening and for best results we recommend that you have your teeth professionally cleaned before the whitening procedure.

 Our team at Maple Mews Dental would be happy to help you brighten your smile this spring!  Give us a call at 905-632-2442.

Looking for a brighter smile ! Today is a great day for a whiter smile!

Maple Mews Dental & Dental Floss



The key to flossing is to do it! And to do it correctly!   If you are not flossing , you are not thoroughly cleaning your teeth and mouth.  Flossing is the only way to clean in between your teeth.

The type of floss you use is the one that works best for you … flossing should be easy for you to do , and something you want to do !  Many like a waxed flavoured floss, a waxed floss slides more easily between teeth that are tight together .

 Regular Floss: Flossing with regular floss is one of the most effective way to floss your teeth.

Wrap the floss around your index and middle fingers, leaving about two inches between your hands. Slide the floss between your teeth and wrap it into a “C” shape around the base of the tooth and gently under the gumline. Wipe the tooth from the base of the tooth to tip two or three times. Each tooth has two sides, be sure to floss each area.

Floss Holders similar to floss picks can hold the floss for hard to reach areas.  Floss holders are often recommended for those with dexterity problems.

Floss Picks: Many studies show that floss picks are as effective as flossing.

Floss picks come in 2 shapes, flat and curved.  The choice to use one over the other is personal preference.

Using a  gentle, sawing motion move the floss on the floss pick in between the teeth. Once the string has popped through the tight contact, it’s time to floss. Pull the string tight against the tooth, and  gently slide it up and down to remove the bacteria in between the teeth. As with the regular floss, each side of the tooth need to be flossed.

Vibrating Flosser : A vibrating flosser is easy to use and has the additional benefit of massaging your gums at the same time. Our Maple Mews team loves gadgets, however believe that manual flossing is more effective and more cost effective than vibrating flossers.

To prevent dental decay and gum disease flossing is an important part of your oral care routine !





Maple Mews Dental & Dental Floss

Maple Mews Dental Welcomes Children


The Canadian Dental Association and Maple Mews Dental Team recommend that children should have a first visit to the dentist at age 1 or within 6 months of the eruption of the first teeth.  By the time children are three years old parents should be scheduling regular dental examinations approximately every 6 months. 

 Starting dental visits at a young age is the best way to prevent problems such as tooth decay.  At Maple Mews Dental we teach you, the parents how to clean your child’s teeth and we identify his or her dental needs including fluoride needs. Decay ( cavities) can occur as soon as teeth appear, thus the importance for early detection. 

 At Maple Mews Dental it is of utmost importance to make each child comfortable and make the experience visiting the dentist a great one.  We want to partner with you, the parents to keep your child’s smile healthy. If you ’re not sure how your child will react , you could bring him/her with you when you get your teeth cleaned and he/she can watch your visit and see how easy it really is.

During your child’s first visit the child can sit on your lap and we can count his teeth and we can gauge whether he is ready to sit through a full appointment .  It is importance to all of us that it be a good experience we don’t want him to be afraid.

 A lifetime of good oral habits begins with instilling good habits from an early age.  Brushing and flossing your child’s teeth at home and regular dental visits are an important part of your child’s overall health.

 Our team at Maple Mews Dental looks forward to working together to take care of the beautiful smiles for you and your family!

Dr. Beata Rzepka , Dr. Tracy Parker & Team




Maple Mews Dental Welcomes Children

Gum Disease – Do you Have it?

You may be suffering from gum disease and not even realize it. It starts off painlessly and includes minor symptoms such as bad breath and irritated or bleeding gums. However, it can become much more serious. Serious cases of gum disease can cause excessive gum recession and even lead to tooth loss.

Signs of Gum Disease

Although some people have gum disease without knowing it, often it presents itself with one or more of the following symptoms:

  1. Redness or swollen gums
  2. Bleeding gums, including when you brush or floss
  3. Gum tenderness/pain when chewing
  4. Gum recession (pulling away from teeth)
  5. Persistent bad breath
  6. Teeth or dentures not fitting together properly
  7. Teeth becoming loose

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s time to see your dentist.  At Maple Mews Dental our dental hygiene team works closely with our patients treating each patients individual concern, including gum disease.

Gum Disease – Do you Have it?